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Antique Collection

Persian Raver Kirman Omar Kayam


The Cadrys family collection consists of many rare historical rugs that tell stories of love, commemorate important historical events and record the victories of war. The intriguing appeal of these fascinating carpets is the way in which they bring history to life, featuring stories and events of the past into the observers present.

Drawn in the manner of an illustrated Persian manuscript, the carpet depicts a man seated in an idealized Persian garden being served wine by a young woman in flowing dress. It is a woven representation of the couplet from Omar Khayam’s 12th Century poem, the Rubaiyat, made famous in the English speaking world by Edward Fitzgerald’s 19th Century translation; ‘A book of Verses underneath the Bough, A jug of mine, a loaf of bread and Thou…’


Collection Woven History
Size 236 x 139cm
RRP $25,000
Sku NOM100376

Persian Raver Kirman Omar Kayam

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