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The life of the primitive rug weaver belongs to another age. Through timeless centuries of nomadic tradition random patterns, colours and the repetition of the seasons were organically impressed deep into the collective nomadic psyche. A rhythm of existence played out between nomads, their animals and nature, set amongst vast untamed landscapes. These rhythms were indelibly transposed into the coloured knots of the nomad's primitive hand woven rugs, kilims, tent bags and pillows. The antique & rare examples that remain provide a tangible link to a tradition which began with the stone age and ended at the close of the twentieth century.

Nomad rugs were woven mainly for personal use on primitive horizontal wooden looms made from readily available materials. Constructed from logs or poles propped up on rocks, tins or any convenient objects. It was this rustic & authentic construction that produced uneven edges and natural irregularities, especially when being packed up and moved to the next location, where weaving would begin again. They would weave in their yurts or in front of them under the open sky, this too reflected in their designs.
Weaving was performed in tents, yurts or out the front of the portable dwellings under the open sky. Variations in colour known as “Abrash” was a result of using natural or dyed wool colours of different shades, seen in subtle colour shifts in adjacent areas along the length of the rug. Patterns, motifs, designs and symbols were remembered and passed down through generations, each tribal group with their own specific versions and each weaver with their own variations.