GoodWeave x Cadrys

Signing on in 2008 and becoming GoodWeave founding Australian member, we not only felt a responsibility to prove that our productions are ethical & sustainable, but it would set the tone for what every rug company in Australia & New Zealand must use as standard practice. There is no excuse to not be certified. We are proud to be continuing our relationship with GoodWeave well into the future. Read more →

GoodWeave is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi – is the leading global institution with a mission to end child labour, and forced and bonded labour, in global supply chains through a market-based holistic and authentic system. The organisation brings visibility to global supply chains, gives voice to informal and marginalised workers, provides assurance that certified products are free of child labour, and restores childhood to vulnerable children so they can laugh, learn, and play.

The GoodWeave Standard is based on three Certification Principles covering child labour, forced labour, and bonded labour, and the transparency needed to verify compliance.

The three principles are
1) No child labour is allowed
2) No forced or bonded labour is allowed
3) Conditions of work are documented and verifiable.

By partnering with GoodWeave, Cadrys directly supports the elimination of child labour, forced labour, and bonded labour from supply chains. Our company also takes a stand in support of access to educational opportunities for children around the world. As a GoodWeave partner, Cadrys’ supply chains have increased accountability, mitigated risk, and improved working conditions for the people creating our products.