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Cadrys Sydney Classic Store

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Sydney Classic
133 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027
T +61 2 9328 6144
Sydney Contemporary
498 Glenmore Road, Edgecliff NSW 2027
T +61 2 9328 9188
Melbourne Contemporary
442 High Street, Prahran VIC 3181
T +61 3 9510 7799
[email protected]
Sydney & Melbourne Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday: 9:30am - 5:00pm

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From the famous weaving centres of Persia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan and India, The Cadrys Classic Collection features an exquisite selection of Antique, Vintage, Silk, Tribal and Antique Reproduction rugs of all styles.  These time honoured skills and craftsmanship are displayed in the outstanding inventory of rugs that we carefully select, they are woven in the finest hand spun wool and silks using the highest quality dyes.


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Our Contemporary showrooms have an impressive inventory of original pieces from leading European designer Jan Kath, Lila Valadan, Florence Broadhurst, David Hicks, Tammy Kanat and our own exclusive in-house designs.  All our rugs utlise the intrinsic quality of natural materials that are made and ensure together with the traditional time honoured techniques of the past.  All our contemporary collections are hand knotted by artisans in a manner that breathes new life and application for today’s tastes.


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Cadrys is proud of the collaborations and designers we represent, from holding the exclusive rights to Jan Kath to key collaborations with Tammy Kanat, David Hicks & Lila Valadan, fast becoming the authoritative voice in the Australian interior design landscape.


It’s our privilege to honour the designers who take a stand in preserving age old traditions, whilst developing new techniques for tomorrow’s masterpieces.




Cadrys Contract is our newest division that offers the industry’s broadest collection of indoor/outdoor rugs and wall-to-wall carpets for the hotel, hospitality and commercial sectors.


To view past and present projects, please click through for more information and register for your Contract login.


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Inspiration & Projects



Take a closer look at the many inspirational images, past and present projects Cadrys has been involved with over the years.




Cadrys has been the choice of leading design magazines and stylists for decades.  Partnerships that are truly valued and evolve every year.  These authoritative voices call on Cadrys as they appreciate the quality and craftsmanship produced in every piece.




For artisans, time passes gradually.  Our artisans sit in the open air, gazing into the nature while enjoying their tea.  They are never pressured for time, because creativity and passion require room and freedom. We believe in skilled crafts and trades, and avoid manufactured looking structures because they remove the artistic soul.   Our carpets are not only home furnishings, but are a form of aesthetics that touch the soul.


Production is not bound to strict guidelines, but to emotion and inspiration.  Small irregularities, deviations, or leaps in colour do not reduce the value of pieces, but they reflect the belief that true beauty lies in imperfection.


We are not committed to any trends or fashion, but class and tradition.  Every pattern has a meaning and is inspired by the Persian art, architecture, and culture.

Ethical Production



All our handmade rugs are certified by GoodWeave® which ensures no child labour is used in our production and that fair and ethical working conditions are maintained.


To provide an essence of how rugs are produced by many of our suppliers, we would like to recite the incredibly apt words of Lila Valaden.


The art of carpet weaving is one of the oldest cultural achievements of many nations.  The complete process is based on an old tradition allowing nomads a self-sufficient and sustainable way of life.  Contributing to maintaining this age old craft, whilst supporting local communities, families and education.  For us, sustainability is not just a word.  It sits at the heart of how we trade and produce carpets around the world.




The Cadrys are proud to be Australia’s oldest and leading retailer in Antique, Classic and Contemporary Rugs. This legacy has been passed down from generation to generation with our roots in this business dating back to the late 1800’s.

Sourcing continually from the world’s leading weaving regions and with GoodWeave approved productions in both India & Nepal, we continually strive for timeless, elegant and quality products.




We understand that choosing the right rug for your home isn’t easy, which is why we offer in-home trials for our clients, expert interior design advice, cleaning services/repairs and delivery. Visit one of our showroom or call us for more information.

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