Mendel x Cadrys is an exciting collaboration where we provided a selection of Vintage Turkish Rugs to act as the canvas for the artist's contemporary street art aesthetic.

Each artwork in the series has its own unique story, while being united by an underlying theme. The theme of the artwork quite literally paints a new picture on an old background. It recognizes the reality of living in the present while acknowledging the background against which we exist.

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Acrylic paint on Vintage Turkish Isparta Rug

SIZE  W 67 x L 130 cm  PRICE  $2,800

"Cigar in a Robe". The Cigar is a timeless sign of luxury- the slow burn, the slow breath the chosen leaf and length of the cigar. The Robe too (perhaps it’s silk) is that time in the day when we remove our day clothes and dawn private attire, this act is realized and depicted against the forest green bouquet.



Acrylic paint on Vintage Turkish Isparta Rug

SIZE  W 72 x L 146 cm  PRICE  $3,500

"Pink Bouquet" showcases the colour pink as one of the most effective ways to portray and represent pop culture. Here, in the form of a fresh bouquet of flowers, it captures the timeless subject of beauty in the very timely pigment of 'Barbie' pink.



Aerosol & Acrylic paint on Vintage Turkish Isparta Rug

SIZE  W 170 x L 315 cm  PRICE  $9,500

"Shir” is the Persian word for lion. Since ancient times, the lion has symbolized power, not through violence or force, but through majestic honor. This idea is conveyed using modern tools like aerosol paint and acrylic on a vintage rug. It tells the story of the balanced powers in our modern and sometimes fragile world.


Acrylic paint on Vintage Turkish Isparta Rug

SIZE  W 111 x L 205 cm  PRICE  $4,900

"Questionable" explores the questionable ideas of our past and ancient world, contemplating how modern sensibilities can rationalize the timeless message within the confines of archaic language.


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