The term "vintage" when applied to rugs, is used to describe an old rug that has been rebirthed. This happens by shearing the pile and/or sun fading a rug that is steeped with nostalgia, beauty and quality, giving an evenly worn, mellow and aged appearance. While there is no single set of aesthetic values that defines the "vintage rug style", typically they are unique and original examples of the traditional weavers art, whether from tribal, village or city looms.

The appeal of these authentic pieces lies in the textural worn nature of the pile surface and the muted or aged appearance of their tones. Importantly they impart a visual style that provides a strong sensory experience and can seamlessly change the look and feel of one’s interior in a manner that feels authentically timeless.

These marvellous carpets can feature either formal, floral styles to more casual geometric motifs along with a whimsical array of folk-art and abstract influences.

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