Interview with Eva Galambos from Parlour X

Interview with Eva Galambos from Parlour X

June 14, 2017

Eva Galambos | Parlour X

This month we are delighted to share our new interview series from Cadrys.  We launch this series with an interview with Eva Galambos, the founder of internationally renowned luxury boutique Parlour X, home to the worlds most coveted and influential designer fashion brands.   Eva is known for her impeccable and colourful style both in life and at home and we had the privilege of interviewing Eva during one of her many fashion shoots.  Eva chose Cadrys of Edgecliff to shoot her latest collections, providing the perfect backdrop of colour and texture to enhance the many elegant pieces available at Parlour X.  We hope you enjoy this interview style post.

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Cadrys: What do you most love about your job?

Eva: I love the fact that the wider industry is forever changing; fashion in general is forever changing. In my business I wear a lot of different hats which allows me to fulfil many different potentials and aspects from the intricate to the at-large direction of the business. Every day is challenging, diverse and dramatic and I am so drawn to the theatre of it all.


Cadrys:  As we know the interior trends are often inspired by the fashion world, what colours are coming through this season?

Eva: Specific colours this season are really bright pops of greens, yellows and reds and strong oranges. I believe these strong hues are coming through because as a society, I feel we are coming to terms with the uncertainty of our times and as this is becoming a normal way of life, as a result we’re feeling bolder and more confident in our choices. I think there’s a massive resurgence in creativity - through colour and being daring, there’s a need to really express ourselves once again and it’s definitely filtering though in aspects and pillars of interiors and personal style.


Cadrys:  Your amazing house was featured in this month’s Belle, how would you describe your own interior style?

Eva: Thank you.. I would say it is similar to my personal style which is eclectic, and evolves quite frequently, depending on whatever is influencing me at the time or the mood of the day. I’m fortunate enough to have access to see so many changes in trends, it makes sense that my style and my taste evolve and change with the different influences. Stylistically I love ultra contemporary but I also really love traditional and classic. I love the concept of styling and putting things together as opposed to being dictated by one particular style... I think I’m always going to want to redecorate and refurbish and realign. It goes hand in hand with not only what I do but also my personality.


Cadrys:  What’s your favourite rug in your home and why?

Eva: I have two rugs in my home that I purchased from Cadrys. One was straight off the cuff, I saw it, I loved it and bought it! The fabulous team here allowed me to trial and test, providing us with a  professional service that gave us the option to make our decision with a bit of time; that level of servicing to me is everything. Its luxury, its what luxury should be, I think in Australia we’re not as familiar with luxury unless we travel, and I think a lot of the clients here as well as my own clients, travel frequently and they command a certain level of service. I love the fact one of the rugs that I bought here, took 9 months; I saw a really small piece and then we turned it into the appropriate size and it was then hand crafted to perfection.. The whole process was so special and unique. My second piece was a Florence Broadhurst – the history and references really suited the style that I was interested in, but I also recognise that maybe it’s something that I’ll move around my home. Currently it’s in my bedroom but, it will go in the kids room one day or who knows?! I love that ide of versatility and longevity.


Cadrys:  When you entertain, what are your absolute must haves, before guests arrive?

Eva:, Since moving into our home I don’t really entertain to the extent that I used to, because life is super busy, but on the occasions that we do; it is usually around summer time. I love going to our frangipani tree and collecting bundles of flowers and scattering them all around with my girls. Using small tea light candles encased in eclectic candle holders or vases from various holidays throughout the table adds a lot of warmth. Handpicked frangipani’s or a flower that is important to you, adding those touches feel more authentic.

Cadrys:  Parlour X has recently moved into a remarkable Sydney landmark ‘The Church’ built in 1845 on Oxford street in Paddington, how is the new location and has it changed the business?

Eva: 100%! It is going so well, we feel like as we evolved and secured all the best brands in the world, we’re able to now display them in a luxury setting and environment that really aligns with the brands that they are. It allows us to have a real synergy and harmony with our environment, which were waiting to really get to that point. We’ve had a lot of visitors from all the luxury houses abroad, so in a way, Parlour X is its own destination luxury boutique that we never had before. For our clients it’s more than just the product but it’s also about the space, the environment, the setting and the service and experience. Now that we have this opulent open space, the service feels really open too and it’s become an experience. Clients and visitors take their time and we are now equipped to offer them that luxury service that they really require.


Cadrys: You have known the Cadrys family and business for a long time, these collaborations work well for us both, why do you think?

Eva: I just think that we have simpatico and an honesty between us, because we can communicate clearly about what our needs are and what our expectations are and I think in life, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether it’s a business relationship or personal, if you have really clear boundaries and clear expectations, it’s always going to be a win-win. You’re always going to be happy and it just feels pure and natural and so it’s a really cherished and valued situation. It is also a great pleasure to know that we’re working together; it makes sense and feels right.


Cadrys: What are the must haves of the winter season ahead? Bags, shoes, sunnies, brands

Eva: Balenciaga is the most sought after brand in the world right now! The designer (Demna Gvsalia) also has his own brand, Vetements. He has won all the recent awards and all the street style stars and influencers are all completely head to toe wearing Balenciaga. Demna is ground-breaking in that his taken conceptual styles and conceptual brands from the past and he’s really reinvented them in a modern way that has resonated with everybody. It has more of an intellectual approach, and I think people are wanting and yearning for that as well, because as we’ve just talked about, we’ve had a really bland period and now he’s really pushing that envelope. There is also J.W Anderson – there is not one person who doesn’t have a J.W Anderson or LOEWE Bag. It’s a little bit slower in Australia to catch on but it’s fast becoming cult. Both brands are must-have items at Parlour X and hard to come by!


Cadrys: And your winter essentials, what would be your top picks for people

Eva: Whenever I think of winter I think about the colour palette – berry, navy, black, charcoal and khaki, so the perception of colour starts to change. Even merchandising Parlour X, everything starts being a bit darker, people have a dark mindset when they think of winter, the days are shorter. So for me it’s more about the colours less than silhouettes because I think we’re going through a stage in fashion of anything goes, it’s just how you put it all together.

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