The Cadrys Story

The Cadrys Story

October 29, 2020

The Cadry family are very proud of their heritage. Founder Jacques Cadry was a true renaissance man of great integrity who established the business in 1952. Along with his sons Eddy and Robert, he built the Cadrys business, which has become an iconic part of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. 

Today the business is run by Bob (Robert) Cadry, along with his sons Ari and Jared. Together they continue the legacy, value and tradition of the Cadrys business with renewed passion and modern injection, forward into the future.


Our historic sandstone showrooms were built in the 1850s, known as the Rushcutters Bay Hotel during this era The building sits boldly on the corner of New South Head Road and Glenmore Road, a conjunction historically known as the gateway to the Eastern Suburbs. In the 1850s this was a trading place for the reeds and rushes cut by local convicts, used for roof thatching during colonial times. Since acquiring the property various parts of the building has been carefully restored, unveiling the original sandstone which was concealed by the pub tiles in the 1920s. 


We have planes to complete a major refurbishment in the New Year to enable us to accommodate and consolidate our Contemporary & Custom Gallery with our Classic Showroom, and inject new life into parts of this historic building which has been a little neglected over the years.


History is often delivered in the form of written language, but at times it translates into the medium of art. At Cadrys, we know that an authentic handwoven rug is an art piece carrying tradition imbued with historical significance. The beauty and mystery of our woven art acts to transport you to a time and place beyond our own. These magnificent pieces deliver us harmonies of colour and designs, infused with stories, symbolism and hidden meanings, all of which have evolved over the centuries from humble beginnings and timeless traditions, embodying the lives of skilled weavers and artisans from tents, villages and cities, with looms across the silk route.

Since 1952 the Cadrys have carefully and expertly sourced the most discerning collection of unique and original rugs in Australia. Above all else, it is their passion that lies within the history of these beautiful rugs, bringing you incredible stories from these knowledge vaults.